Mock Programming Interviews Signup

Mock Programming Interviews Signup

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  1. Sign up
  2. Get Matched
  3. Conduct your mock interview
  4. Get Graded!


  • Join the discord server
  • Put an intro message in `#introductions` channel


You can signup at the mock interview portal

After signing up, you will be connected with someone via the Discord shortly.

You have to be a member of the discord server for it to be scheduled. A group thread will be created between you and your partner. You will schedule an interview with them, be sure to get it on the calendar so no one forgets.

If you do not receive a match within 48 hrs, reach out to dan#9955 in the server.

You are responsible for preparing a relevant question to ask your partner in the interview!

Conduct your interviews

On the day of your interview, head into the PIP discord server and grab one of the mock-interview voice channels. If you prefer to conduct your practice interview in private you can also use a separate video call solution.

You now take turns interviewing each other.

1 person acts as the interviewer and asks the question for 30 minutes, then you switch roles.


Immediately after the interview, you grade each others performance at the mock interview portal

If someone is a no-show or is not prepared for their interview you can report them by DMing dan#9955 in the discord.

❌ Penalties

Unprepared Interviewer

If someone shows up to an interview unprepared to conduct their role as mock interviewer, then they will be banned for 1 week (penalties double for each offense)

No Shows

If someone doesn't show up for their interview, they will be banned from future mock interviews for 2 weeks (penalties double after each offense)


What question should I ask my interviewee?

Any level-appropriate algorithm question off of leetcode or hackerrank!

Can I keep the same interviewer?

Yes! If you had a good experience interviewing with them, you should absolutely set a recurring time on the calendar to conduct mock interviews together.

Can I have more than one mock interview scheduled at a time?

Definitely, after getting matched the first time reach out to dan#9955 in the discord. Mention that you are looking to have more than one scheduled and I can match you with another person

Private study group ✅

I run a private study group for people studying for Big Tech interviews, signup here: